12 Soothing DIY Container Water Fountain Projects

Getting a water feature for your home or garden is expensive, but these homemade DIY Water fountain are cheap and easy to make. Find out 12 great projects with tutorials!

1.  Gazing Ball Bubbler Fountain

Gazing Ball Bubbler Fountain

DIY this portable gazing ball bubbler fountain for your garden. For this, you will need several galvanized containers and clay pots, a submersible pump, a glazing ball and a couple of other supplies. The detailed tutorial is available at the BHG!

2. DIY Container Water Container

diy container feature

Create a container water garden for your small garden, porch or balcony to grow aquatic plants like water lilies, water lettuce, and canna lilies. You can also swim fishes in this water garden.

3. DIY Bamboo Water Feature

diy container feature6

Make your small urban living space more enjoyable by adding a water feature like this. This serene bamboo water fountain is enough to rupture the dullness of your boring balcony.

4. DIY Water Feature Focal Point

water feature

Make a beautiful focal point in your garden by creating a water fountain. Get an oversized glazed urn to complete this project.

5. DIY Water Feature+Pond

DIY Water Feature+Pond

The plants used for this project are dwarf umbrella palm, iris, water forget me not, horsetail, hyacinth, lily, and variegated sweet flag.

6. DIY Recirculating Fountain

DIY Recirculating Fountain

Spruce up your outdoor space, a corner of your home or garden with this DIY recirculating water fountain. All the supplies are easy to find.

7. DIY Birdbath

diy birdbath

Give the visiting birds a chance to sip and dip in the water in the birdbath. You’ll need a few shallow bowls and other common supplies for this project.

8. Simple, Inexpensive Water Feature

easy water feature

Make a homemade water feature that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. A couple of ceramic pots and a couple of plastic pots, a water pump, glue, and other inexpensive supplies.

9. DIY Tiered Water Fountain

diy container fountain4

Get three PVC pots of different sizes to make this tiered container fountain.

10. DIY Watering Can Fountain

diy water can fountain

This DIY water can fountain idea is unique. You’ll need two-three galvanized watering cans and one large galvanized tub.

11. Soothing Container Water Pond

Soothing Container Water Pond

We found this pond in a pot idea at the HGTV here. Read some valuable tips in that article to create a successful container water garden.

12. Pyramidal Pots Water Fountain

pyramidical pots

Use your unused ordinary garden pots to create this water fountain. Place it on your entryway, porch, balcony decor ideas or in your garden.

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