22 Small Balcony Ideas 2022 – Ways to Decorate a Mini Balcony

If you’re searching for inspo and have been Googling “balcony decorating ideas,” firstly, welcome, hey there. I have so several design ideas you can use for essentially any balcony configuration. Whether you have a lots of stuff that needs to be wonderfully organized and also saved, or you want something minimalistic as well as chic, I gotchu. Plants? I have a lot of them for you. Attempting to make an ugly concrete room appearance quite with some fab design and also wonderful rugs? Yes! Pretty soon, you’ll be inviting good friends over with the sole function of showing them your cute brand-new outdoor area– and also indulging in each and every single praise you obtain.

If you don’t pay adequate interest to it, it’s ALSO easy to make a balcony look ignored. You’ve certainly seen the tragic “I don’t understand what to do with this, so I’m just gon na toss some boxes out there” situation– think me, I’ve been that individual. It does not really take a ton of initiative (or cash) to make that area really feel ~ so special ~, either.

Plant parents, unite!! If you absolutely cannot get enough of greenery, whether it’s because you like the colors or you just excel at keeping things alive, fill the space with them. (Is this picture extreme? Sure! Is it not far off from how I’d like a balcony to look IRL? Absolutely.)

And swap colors with the season.

Obviously this’ll depend on your location, how much sun your balcony gets, and whether you can find plants that don’t mind the cold. But if you get cooler weather and want to make your space feel ~so autumnal~, grab some pots and colorful pillows that you can swap out in warmer weather.

Or use dried stems instead.

People who suck at keeping plants alive, unite!! (Ahem.) Pretty dried flowers—or some fake stems that look real—provide an accent piece that works for all weather, particularly with this minimal white, black, and green color scheme. Old-timey candle: optional but very fun.

Break out the multi-use furniture.

The key to a functional-but-cute balcony is investing in versatile pieces—so you can lounge by yourself, bring in another person, or even host—and the decor still looks super-thoughtful. Foldaway tables, futons, and other multifunctional furniture are perfect for playing around with decor (like the candles and plants on the tables here) without committing to a permanent vibe.

Get foldaway tables and chairs.

For example! When the weather is nice, open up these bbs, run outside to sit in the sunshine, drink your coffee, and get some work done in the fresh air. Then store them away again when the weather’s bad or you need the space for your ever-expanding plant collection. Bonus: These tables make for an amazing lil date night experience.

Add some sneaky storage.

Is this wicker box basically a flat surface to show off more plants? Yup. Is it also a way you can store stuff you’re not using? You betcha. You can put away decor that doesn’t work for the szn, old plant pots, or (in my case) all my winter boots. A clutter-free space FTW.

Bring the outside in (and vice versa).

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony that connects to your living room or bedroom, you can extend the design aesthetic into the outdoor space. Here, the indoor and outdoor spaces flow together with similar brown, white, and black accents, combined with plants and open airiness that make the outdoor space feel like it ~belongs~ with the rest of the apartment.

Hang plants for vibes (and privacy!).

I realize I’m fully leaning in on plants here, but go with me on this: Hanging plants are a nice way to save space and make a pretty centerpiece (it’s kinda like a living chandelier!!). And if you hang them close to your windows, it makes it harder for people to see inside your place. Yesssss.

9 Grow your own herbs.

This has been on my to-do list for a while, but if your balcony gets decent sun, it might be a nice opportunity to grow some herbs and veggies you can use for your kitchen. You will immediately feel like a pro gardener/chef. Alternative: Get the intelligent self-watering kind that requires exactly zero effort from you.

10 And use plants that’ll encourage wildlife.

Again, this’ll depend on your location and what critters you’d like to attract, but making a mini-ecosystem can be an *incredible* activity (that you can do while you’re growing your herbs!). Balcony gardens can be a resource for local wildlife. Feeders and birdhouses can work to attract birds. You might need to chat with a local expert, but once you get your setup in place, it’ll be fun to sit back and watch—and the decor will be gorge, obv.

11 Think about pops of color.

You don’t have to have a million colors to make a small balcony feel bright. Choose three colors tops, and make one of them really vibrant. This one uses green, cream, and the reddest red you’ve ever seen—and the overall effect is clean but eye-catching, instead of busy and overwhelming.

12 Or, keep it monochromatic.

If that sounds too hard (I get it, lol), stick to colors in the same family. This one uses a spectrum from cream through tan and brown, but it doesn’t feel jammed together because they’re all within the same color scheme. Start with the actual color of the balcony (like the wood here) and build around it.

13 Make it modern

beautiful balcony

Bold, graphic decor (like these circular chairs and matching end table) can make a simple, sparse balcony look rlly exciting. This is particularly true when you’ve got a balcony that’s a gray concrete—it’s a way to match with the color without being boring. Bonus: There’s not actually a ton of furniture here, but it looks intense and fun.

14 Make it minimal.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re the luckiest person on Earth and have a balcony with exposed brick, you don’t rlly need to do much to match the surroundings. These black and gray decor pieces let the wall be the focal point. (Sneaky bonus storage in the corner!)

15 Or experiment with color and space.

Let’s say you can paint and hang stuff on the walls. Why not go all out and pick a ~very modern~ color scheme? You might have to play around with perspective and decor, but the end result is so stunning: Here, the macrame art and pillows match the floor, and the oversized black hammock (more on hanging fixtures in a minute) is the cool centerpiece all your guests will want to use.

16 Hang those twinkly lights.

A bulky lamp probably isn’t the move for a teeny balcony space, but hanging lights are more economical, not to mention making better use of the vertical space if you got it. This space uses three(!!) types of lights: Christmas lights on the trellis, lanterns along the railing, and bulbs crowded around the hanging plant. Brilliant.

17 Hang your seating, too.

Hammocks and floating chairs aren’t just comfy: They’re so, so pretty, and endlessly relaxing. Oh, and they save on space and draw the eye upwards. If you plan on hosting, it’s a must. Alternative: Bean bags that either inflate when you need them or get rolled back inside when you don’t.

18 Use fake greenery.

I’m back on my plants game, but this setup is green with a twist: There are actual succulents on the railing, but instead of tiles or flooring, it’s astroturf laid down on the ground to make the balcony look like a literal garden. Regardless of whether you have plants or not, how fun is it to feel like you’re stepping outside??

19 Go with a bamboo wall covering.

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Bamboo brings warmth to any space—and here, it also brings some texture to plain cream walls and black floors. Find colors that match so the wall covering can be the focal point and contrast the wooden texture with softer and gentler accents. It’s self-contained but soooo cozy.

20 Find flowy curtains.

If you have floor-to-ceiling windows, why not hang these semi-sheer drapes? In better weather, the fresh air comes blowing softly through (very relaxing) and in not so great weather, they serve as a blockade/pretty wall hangings. You can even tie them at the bottom for a fun visual effect.

21 Use a balcony bar.

Balconies are fabulous places to share a drink, but not so much when you feel squished. Answer? A balcony bar, which mounts to a wall or railing and provides a teeny ledge for your drinks. Also, check out that pretty plant wall in the back that I need someone to copy rtfn.

22 Match the view.

When in doubt, take a look at your balcony’s surroundings, and let that inspire you. Here, the pretty pink buildings and green bushes (not to mention the brown in the building’s siding) are colors replicated in the seating, pillows, and basket. It’s both natural-looking and oh-so-thoughtful.

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