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Hi Everyone, welcome to yet another makeover.
This on is a little different as for the first time I got to work on a cat house & I’m glad that I got the opportunity to work on something new. The cat house turned out beautiful, also the diy toys(scratcher, tassels, ladder) which we did worked for the kitties 🐱.
For the “Balcony Makeover” we covered the gazebo with poly carbonate sheet so that the sunlight is not blocked and added some greens to make the space lively.
The kitties were a little hesitant in the beginning but they are used to their new home now & they love it 😍.

To add an earthy touch we did custom made wood tables, they have this abstract shape which I love & since its a big space we used two of these as nested tables. To compliment the tables, I made bamboo light fixtures as well to bring the space together. Hope you like it!

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β€’β€’ Gadgets Used
Camera πŸ“Έ : Iphone 12 Pro Max
Gimbal : DJI OM 4
Tripod : Kodak T211
Lights : Old phone LEDs πŸ˜ƒ

β€’β€’ Editing –
Final Cut Pro X


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