Building a Yard Water Feature

I used an old fountain cement bowl and added a polyethylene pond liner. The pond liner can also be simply set into the ground without the cement bowl. I used a pond nozzle kit to add a sprinkler head.

UPDATE: I cut 3 sides of a six inch square in the hardware cloth leaving the side toward the middle of the fountain as a bendable flap. I lined the cut sides with duct tape. I lined the flap that I can pull up, and I lined the sides that stay flat. That way I can reach in (without getting cut by the wire) and adjust or clean the pump without lifting an entire side of the hardware cloth.

There are many YouTube videos on making these water features (pondless fountains). I was inspired by the YouTube channel “Pretty Purple Door.” This lady made an excellent video with great detail:–I

Lowe’s Polyethylene Pond Liner:

Lowe’s Pond Nozzle Kit:

Home Depot hardware cloth:

Amazon Ultra Fine Garden Netting:

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