DIY Planter Water Fountain with Pond Plants

DIY Planter Water Fountain with Pond Plants

Who doesn’t like the serene noise of running water? You can have your very own little yard oasis with a DIY solar water fountain!
It was a youth desire for mine to have a squealing creek in my backyard like Anne of Green Gables. (Our community has a stream, so we were close!) I ‘d still love to have some flowing water in the yard, if the budget plan enabled it.
I first saw the concept for a DIY solar water fountain over at The Interior Frugalista. The water fountain component was remarkably cost effective, so I was inspired to make a variation of my very own for the yard!

2 flower pot water fountains decorated with pond plants. In this video clip, we share how to make a planter water attribute using a solar energy water fountain and also a rechargeable water fountain. Our DIY planter water fountains are very easy and budget plan pleasant water fountain ideas for your yard or patio area.


  • White Pot
  • Blue Pot
  • Solar Powered Water Fountain
  • Hydria Water Fountain
  • Great Stuff Spray Foam
  • Flex Tape
  • Black River Rocks
  • Birdbath Cleaner
  • Papyrus Pond Plant
  • Lily Pad Plant
  • Pond Plants

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One thought on “DIY Planter Water Fountain with Pond Plants

  1. Dee Keene says:

    So glad to see you both are fans of fountains as I enjoy my solar fountain in a birdbath on my patio on sunny days! What is the name of solution to help with alge you used?

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