EasyFlex Decorative No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit – 15 ft., Black Wrought Iron-Look


The EasyFlex Decorative Wrought Iron-Look No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit adds traditional charm to any gardening or landscaping project. The ornamental edging is flexible enough to use as a tree ring and the patented No-Dig L-shaped design eliminates damage from digging into tree and plant roots. An overlapping post system and interlocking anchoring tabs create seamless borders, eliminating the need for connector pieces. Unlike other decorative fence style edging products, the 5-inch-high edging has a built-in retaining section designed to retain bedding materials and can be installed on top of landscape fabric to prevent weed growth. The black wrought iron-like lawn border adds a decorative style to outdoor decor, perfect for Victorian, traditional, or historic homes and gardens. Compared to installing traditional metal, iron, and aluminum border edging and dig-in edging, EasyFlex Wrought Iron-Look No-Dig Landscape Edging takes a fraction of the time and effort! Real metal is heavy, expensive, and difficult to cut and work with. Proudly made in the USA from recycled materials, the edging kit includes (12) edging pieces and (13) 8-inch anchoring spikes.
Simple installation, no digging required – suitable for all soil types
Classic arched wrought iron fence look complements any garden
Interlocking anchoring tabs reinforce connection points, flexible spines conform to curved border designs
Overlapping post system stabilizes joints without additional connector pieces to create seamless borders
Project kit includes (12) pieces of edging and (13) anchoring spikes