EasyFlex Nylon Landscape Edging Anchoring Stakes, 10 Count, 10-Inch Length (1940-10),Black


Get clean and professional looking lawns, gardens, tree rings, and flower beds in a single afternoon with EasyFlex Anchoring Stakes – the perfect tool to secure your edging or weed fabric. Made from recycled nylon, this 10-pack of 10-inch flat rectangular anchoring stakes will not rust or deteriorate – keeping your garden looking fresh, and your stakes easy to reuse and store for future projects. Whether you’re an experienced landscaper or a DIY weekend warrior, EasyFlex Anchoring Stakes make your landscaping projects easy to install without sacrificing a secure hold for your edging or weed fabric. The hook at the top and pointed end firmly anchors your edging into the ground to keep it from shifting. The stake’s flat top makes an easy target for your hammer or mallet, and the sturdy plastic can withstand pounding into clay and rocky soil. Simply place your edging or weed fabric in the desired location and pound the stakes into place.
INCLUDES: Pack of 10 nylon 10-inch landscape edging anchoring stakes
MULTIPURPOSE: In addition to landscaping, stakes can be used to secure tents, inflatable yard decorations, solar lighting and other outdoor projects
FLAT DESIGN: Flat design lays flush against edging, with a hook at the top to secure edging in place
DO-IT-YOURSELF: Pound the non-corroding nylon stake into edging or weed fabric with a hammer or mallet