Fall Balcony Makeover – Balcony Decorating Ideas for Autumn Season

In this video Kate made fall balcony makeover. Watch to inspire with balcony decorating ideas for autumn season

00:00 How to decorate balcony for the fall season
00:31 Hand embroidered burlap tablecloth. Watch here how to make this tablecloth – https://youtu.be/DERfjr4jaLk
00:48 Vintage vase and jug from flea market
01:05 Autumn wildflowers
02:05 Cozy fall decor for small balcony
02:25 Candle holders and pumpkins
02:40 Vintage decorative hot air balloon from antique shop (reviewed in this video – https://youtu.be/9DJL3fOx50s )
02:51 Restoration of vintage hot air balloon decor
03:06 Clean and sand surface with sponge
03:26 Degrease with with alcohol contained cleaning liquid spray
03:45 Renovate paint
05:10 Rope for hanging
05:20 Hang balloon on the balcony
05:41 Make burlap garland from triangle shaped burlap banners and yarn
09:30 Cozy fall tea time on the balcony

Balcony decorating ideas for each season – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLapprIk8jtCsJFTU7tmrJws_lh0Jk4XCH

Spring balcony makeover – https://youtu.be/G2vRwX2nnb8

Summer balcony makeover – https://youtu.be/eOh1jJO4oME
There are two of us who running the @Cozy Homezy channel – @Kate Grechko and @Nellie from Cozy Homezy – we are friends, stay at home moms and crafting lovers. We both are Ukrainians from Odesa and we were the neighbors in our native city, but now we are refugees and had left our cozy homes due to the war. Despite of that we are living now on the distance over 900 km from each other we still working together on-line and uploading new videos every Saturday.

We are trying to live and to craft according to the sustainable lifestyle:
– reuse old stuff and bring new life to old things
– repurpose household items into useful and aesthetic things
– create nature-inspired home decor
– turn out waste and trash to treasure
Leave the feedback if you also share these values!

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