How to make a simple water feature in your garden | Solar water fountain pump kit

This week I’m going something a little different in the garden – I’m creating a small water feature using a plastic flower pot, some small boulders, and of course the solar-powered water pump I received from Poposoap. You can find this great water pump here: – it is the Poposoap Solar Water Pump Outdoor, 2022 Upgraded 12 Watt Solar Fountain Pump

With all the heatwaves we have had this year, there is no better time to add a small water feature that looks and sounds great in your garden and doubles as a hydration-station for the birds, bugs, and other critters in your garden. I was told that a water source such as this can even help eradicate some garden pests such as gophers, as the animals are no longer using your plants and vegetables as a water source.

Come take a look at this very simple tutorial for creating your own simple water feature, and test out this very cool water pump and all its accessories.

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2 thoughts on “How to make a simple water feature in your garden | Solar water fountain pump kit

  1. Lynn O'Brien says:

    I have a solar one as well and I found that if I used some sort of screen or grate to partially cover the pump, it helps keep debris from being sucked into the pump. This will help keep the water flowing freely and help keep your pump from burning up. Love your sunshine garden, the birds and insects will love it!

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