Landscaping a Daniel Shea Garden Design

Building a full garden design explained. How to lay a patio and build a feature wall. Corten style water feature. Voiceover through the construction process

Indian sandstone patio slabs sawn and pre sealed (Dry Treat breathable)
George Davis Trident Turf
Feature wall cladded in Design Clad from London Stone
clay pavers Chelmer Valley
Everedge lawn edging

Landscaping by Sam Keep and Nathan Stone
Design by Daniel Shea


Wayne John Bradley
Reaction (CC License)

Wayne John Bradley
The Last Frontier (CC Licence)

Wayne John Bradley
The Cure (CC Licence)

6 thoughts on “Landscaping a Daniel Shea Garden Design

  1. Jan Orlinski says:

    great work and tbh i love the voiceover it bonds this video all together, and i would love to have some more details about job managment and all the pieces that go in to each segment of a job, how do you time it correctly i mean masons, gardeners and all that stuff.
    IMO you achieved poetry when it comes to job handling.
    Love your vids!

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