Ortisgreen Hang.Oasi.Home – Indoor Vertical Garden, Contains 1 White Planter Unit, Design Your Own Living Wall With Vertical Gardening Planters, Use Indoors, Holds 6 Plants


Grow vertical gardens with the Hang.Oasi.Home! Manufactured by Ortisgreen. This indoor vertical garden system includes 1 white planter with 6 separate pockets to grow any plants of your choosing. Mix and match plants from any garden center, insert them into the planter, then hang and enjoy your living wall! For best results, transplant starter, indoor tropical plants like Spider Plant, Pothos, and Syngonium, into the kit. Includes natural and odorless sphagnum moss that holds up to 20x its weight in water to both secure vertical plants and keep them hydrated. Water with minimal maintenance; micro-holes in the top of the planter distribute water to each plant while a collection tray in the bottom catches excess water. The Hang.Oasi.Home! Indoor vertical garden can be easily personalized to fit your unique space. Take your potted plants to the next level and experience gardening from a vertical perspective.
Vertical wall planter holds 6 plants of your choice to bring your own living picture to life
Ideal for indoor use; includes anti-drip tray to catch any excess water
Minimal maintenance required – just plant, water and enjoy your live hanging garden
Includes 1 planter and Sphagnum Moss to securely hold plants in place and provide optimal hydration
Hanging hardware not included