Prairie Yard & Garden: The Family Haven | Patio and Water Feature

Jodi Hughes shares their water feature that adorns a spacious patio they use for entertaining and relaxing after a long day’s work. Jodi shares with host Mary Holm how they incorporated lighting throughout the water feature and shared one surprise left over from Christmas that they love.

Mary Holm returns for her eighth season as the host of Prairie Yard & Garden (PY&G) on Pioneer PBS.

Mike Cihak is the executive producer of PY&G — the show that inspires well-being through the growing and enjoyment of plants.

PY&G is produced by Pioneer PBS. Production sponsorship is provided by ACIRA, Heartland Motors, Shalom Hill Farm and the Friends of PY&G.

Pioneer PBS is a viewer-supported television station dedicated to sharing local stories of the region with the world. Support our mission and become a member at

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