Significance & Benefits of Water Fountain in Vastu | Types of Water Fountains

Having a water fountain at home is a great idea, as it does not just serve as a piece of decor but also brings with it a variety of vastu shastra benefits. While placing a water fountain in your house, pay attention to some vastu rules and you will be able to reap the advantages.

A water fountain in the house can help you attract money and wealth. Having a water element also brings positive energy into the surrounding. In the article below we will discuss why you should have a water fountain in your house and what are the rules that must be followed. Read on:

Water Fountain Significance as per Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, flowing water in the fountain symbolizes the flow of money, happiness, and love. Therefore, keeping it in and around your home can bring you good luck and positivity.

Place a water fountain in your home for good luck

When you install a water fountain at your place, it not only enhances the beauty of the house but also brings peace and joy to your home. It also creates a soothing ambiance in and around the residential place.

water-fountain-outside-houseBenefits of installing a water fountain outside your house

Where should water fountain be kept in house

Water fountain for home Vastu focuses a lot on the direction. Once you know the optimal placement of the water fountain, all your work is done. By just placing water fountain in the right corner, all the cosmic energies of the universe will start flowing into your home.
Place the water fountain in the right direction

The best place to install a water fountain is in the north direction of your home. Northeast and east are also compatible with this water element. However, you should never choose the south, southeast, or west zone of your home to install the fountain. Doing this can create problems for members of the household.

vastu-direction-for-water-fountainInstall the fountain in the north, east, or northeast corner of your home

Water Fountain: Do’s as per Vastu

Place the fountain near the main entrance of your house. This will help stop negative energy right at the entrance and bar it from entering your home. Placing the fountain in the right direction is important so it can capture the right energies at the door.


Place the fountain at the main door of your home

Make sure the flow of water in the fountain is continuous and that there is no stagnation to hinder progress. You should also clean the water fountain regularly to ensure it doesn’t accumulate dirt, grime, and algae.

clean-water-fountainClean the fountain regularly

Water Fountain – Don’ts as per Vastu

Centre Placement of Water Fountain: If you are planning to place a large water fountain in the premises of the house, make sure you do not have ideas of placing it right in the middle. This particular placement is restrictive to the water fountain and does not let it reach its complete potential. Instead of the centre, choose the north corner of the house, adjacent to the front door and see the fountain bring prosperity into your home and how!

Avoid placing the fountain in the center of your home

Water Fountain: A Big No in the Bedroom: As per vastu shastra, the bedroom is one of the worst places to have a water fountain in your house. Placing one in the bedroom will lead to troubles in your relationships as the element of water does not do well in the bedroom. Experts in fact, advise against even having a painting of a water body in the bedroom.

don't-keep-water-fountain-in-bedroomNever keep a water fountain in the bedroom

Benefits of a Water Fountain as per Vastu

When kept in the right position, a water fountain can have a positive impact on the income of the family. The water element ‘Jal tatva’ ensures that you have a tranquil working environment so that you can get maximum results.


Install a water fountain to enjoy various benefits

Water fountain for home Vastu dictates that the sound of the flowing water coupled with positive energy will bring a soothing ambiance to your place. By following the given Vastu tips, you can ensure that the fountain in your home fills your life with love, happiness, and growth.

A-simple-three-tiered-stone-water-fountain-placed-in-the-garden-areaA simple three tiered stone water fountain placed in the garden area (Image Credit:

Great choices for homes with a classic look, the tiered fountains are quite popular in the Mediterranean region. Three or more plates in different sizes are stacked in a tier and water is first pumped from the top layer to cascade over the other tiers from the outside and finally settle into the pond at the bottom.

The designs can be elaborate on a three tiered water fountain built for a garden. Right from plain stone or resin water fountains to pieces that are increticaetly carved by artisans.

A-Japanese-style-water-fountain-perfect-for-a-small-garden-or-even-a-table-top-inside-the-houseA Japanese style water fountain perfect for a small garden or even a table top inside the house (Image Credit:

A water fountain holds its significance in Japanese culture and you will find many temples in the country with a water fountain in their premises. Homes in Japan too are known to have a water fountain in the garden area.

The Japanese water fountain stands out with its simple yet peculiar design that makes use of bamboo. As you can see from the image above, the sprout of the bamboo is where the water is dispensed from and it trickles down to a small bowl. The elegant design and the simple elements evoke a sense of peace and calmness.

A-cascading-water-fountain-made-of-stone-great-decor-for-the-gardenA cascading water fountain made of stone, great decor for the garden (Image Credit:

As the name suggests, the flow of water in a cascading water fountain is downwards. The simple cascading fountains start with three layers and you have varieties with multiple layers like the five layer fountain from the image above, to choose from.

In most designs the top layer is the smallest and the each level gets wider till you reach the biggest basin in the bottom. But quirky designs like the one from the image above have layers of the same size to give a more put together look.

A-large-wall-water-fountain-made-with-stone-work-simply-stunningA large wall water fountain made with stone work – simply stunning! (Image Credit:

Wall fountains come in a variety of designs and if you get the kind right, you can have a water fountain that people can’t stop complimenting. These fountains work great both indoors and outdoors and look outstanding with the correct backdrop.

A great example of an excellent wall fountain is in the image above, a naked stone wall serves as backdrop to a medium flow of water and settles in the small basin below. These designs work great for small gardens or rooms as they do not take up much space but still offer the same level of serenity that comes with a water fountain and its sounds.

A-tabletop-water-fountain-great-option-for-your-study-room-or-even-the-hallA tabletop water fountain, great option for your study room or even the hall (Image Credit:

Best suited for the indoors, the tabletop   water fountain will fight right on top of your table. It is small, does not take up too much space, and is absolutely convenient. Since they are small installations, they are also easy on the pocket and can be fitted in on the nearest electrical socket to get started.

The tabletop water fountain comes in a variety of materials, you can choose something in stone like the image above, or pick a Japanese style made of wood and ceramic.

How to Care for your Water Fountain: Dos and Don’ts

A water fountain will only serve its purpose as per vastu if it is well maintained both in functionality as well as appearance. Here are a few dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind if you have a water fountain or plan on getting one. Read on:

DO: make sure the flow of water in the fountain is uninterrupted. A water fountain that does not work, may cause troubles in your growth.

DON’T: keep the water fountain in the bedroom as the water element in this private space may cause troubles in your relationships.

DO: maintain a regular cleaning schedule to keep your fountain free of bugs, insects, and dirt and algae.

DON’T: place the water fountain in the kitchen area.

DO: ensure that the direction of the flow of the water is towards the house in a cascading fountain.

DON’T: keep the fountain in an area with direct sunlight.

Summing Up Water Fountain as per Vastu

Having a water fountain at home can help alter the vibrations of the place as per vastu shastra. While the flowing water invites money and abundance into the house, the sound of the flowing water brings a sense of calm and serenity to your space.

In the article above, we discussed the significance of a water fountain as per vastu and some tips that will help you make use of the fountain’s full potential. By following the given vastu tips for water fountains, you can ensure your home is filled with love, happiness, and growth.

Do you have a water fountain at home? What kind? Let us know in the comments below. 

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