Small balcony makeover for city apartments by Twinkle Khanna | Spacelift

Who said you couldn’t have a beautiful yet functional space in your home without creating a gaping hole in your bank account? Let’s debunk that myth, shall we? Our Tweak founder, Twinkle Khanna puts her hard hat back on in our new DIY design series, Spacelift, a show where she will be giving quick tweaks and tips on how you can do makeovers around your house.

In our first episode, we’re transforming a small balcony into a stunning yet efficient space. You’ll see just how much difference a small stand, a few paintings and a cantilevered table can make to transform your balcony into an area that will inspire you to have as much peaceful me-time as you can carve out from your otherwise noisy day.

Directed and scripted by: Rochelle Pinto
Set co-designed by: Manjari Sharma
Cinematography by: Boomerang Productions
Edited by: Aman Agarwal

Tell us what space we should revamp next in the comments below!

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35 thoughts on “Small balcony makeover for city apartments by Twinkle Khanna | Spacelift

  1. Soni Yadav says:

    It's very very inspiring mam…i just loved how u managed all the things beautifully …and also ur dressing sense i just loved always and u look gorgeous ❤️

  2. mansa asha says:

    If this is a balcony specially that small then I think it’s too clumsy and not much space. We go on the balcony to escape the everyday agram bagram of the house and look for fresh air and as she said a little me time. This space should be light and free.

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