Sub) 4 Easy Ideas to DIY Trellis For Climbing Plant Using Leftover Metal Wire | Home Decorating

The vines in my house are already too long. Today I will make some trellis in pretty cute shapes like birdcages or laurel wreaths, birdcages, laurel wreaths, etc., using leftover wood & metal wire.
If your house doesn’t have a place for hanging plants, try doing it like me, the potted plants look much cuter and neater. Watch the video to see how I do it!
Hope you guys enjoy this video ❤️️

00:00 Intro
01:20 Making Circle
04:00 Globe Shape
07:00 Bird Cage
10:00 Spiral

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46 thoughts on “Sub) 4 Easy Ideas to DIY Trellis For Climbing Plant Using Leftover Metal Wire | Home Decorating

  1. Vineet M says:

    Thinking about to create a new thing is very easy and by watching someone is creating that thing is also looking very easy, now i am forced to do this as i was thinking to support my plants from last 1 year…

  2. Irai Rod says:

    I came back to see this video several months after I watched for the first time…I'm again awestruck at how beautifully it's filmed. The scenes when the plants are backlit by the sunshine coming through the windows, and one can appreciate the translucency of some leaves, it's simply gorgeous. Thank you!

  3. Romy Th says:

    Hi, i was wondering if you buy your plants online or if you buy them at nurseries. I’ve been thinking about getting into gardening and want to know if you recommend buying online or not.

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