Summer Balcony Makeover – Balcony Decorating Ideas

This video is about how to DIY summer balcony makeover on a budget. Cozy balcony decorating ideas for summertime.

Time-stamps ⏰

00:00 DIY Summer Balcony Makeover
00:23 Clean and decorate balcony for summer
00:41 Repaint the outdoor unit of an old air conditioner in teal green color using sponge
00:53 Dismantle lantern from the wall using screwdriver
01:03 Clean lampshade of lantern
01:28 Disassembly lantern, unscrew bolts and fittings, remove glass
02:26 Sand metal surface of lamp using sandpaper sponge
03:08 Degrease surface before painting
03:18 Apply red paint using sponge instead of paintbrush in order to avoid paint dripping
04:22 Let the paint dry during 12-24 hours
04:41 Reassembly renovated lanterns
05:52 Hang renewed lantern to the wall
06:10 DIY Bird feeder made from old plates
06:20 Final reveal of summer balcony makeover
07:00 Leisure time in the hammock
07:17 Homemade lemonade

Materials & Tools
– cleaning rags and sponges
– domestic cleanser
– screwdriver
– sandpaper sponge
– alcohol contained cleanser for degreasing
– acrylic paint
– sponges for applying paint

There are two of us who running the @Cozy Homezy channel – Kate and Nellie, we are friends, stay at home moms and crafting lovers, and we are Ukrainians. Before the war we were neighbors in our native city Odesa in Ukraine. Due to cruel Russian invasion into our motherland Ukraine country Kate has to leave her beautiful house and fled the country as refugee to save her kids. Nellie and her family still stay in Odesa and aren’t in safe because anyone in Ukraine is in danger. Despite of that we both are divided in distance now we still working together on-line and uploading new videos every Saturday.

On this channel we are creating coziness in our homes according to sustainable lifestyle:
– reuse old stuff and bring new life to old things
– repurpose household items into useful and aesthetic things
– create nature-inspired home decor
– turn out waste and trash to treasure.

Stay tuned and leave the feedback if you also share these values!
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29 thoughts on “Summer Balcony Makeover – Balcony Decorating Ideas

  1. Kuttys succulents and Travel vlog says:

    Great transformation! What’s the spray you used to clean the lamp? The dirt and grease came off easily. The end result looks so nice. I liked the table decor as well. I can imagine, sitting in this lovely balcony, sipping a cup of cool lemonade, with the fan blowing a gentle breeze! Well done my friend 👏🏽

  2. ATravelerOfWorlds says:

    oh this was lovely to watch! I loved all the ideas you shared with us but most of all how colorful they are!! Color makes every space so much happier!! The views of your balcony are gorgeous and I adore your filming and editing style, it's calming and beautiful to watch! New friend and supporter here, I look forward to more projects!

  3. Essi's UK Journal says:

    Wow this is super amazing project. I am glued onto the screen as I enjoyed watching your hard work. That Teal green colour is so aesthetic. this balcony makeover is truly satisfying. I have learnt lot from you. Calm and relaxing vlog with full of summer vibes. Love your content my friend. 🥰🥰🥰

  4. Jiffy art says:

    Amazing 👏 makeover…How clear n clear makeover…Love 😍 your work..This looks so unique 😍 👌 New friend here to support you👍🎊Stay blessed 🙌 and connected 😊💖🤩

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