4 HOT tips for outdoor 2022! Easy Tips to Style Your Outdoor Space! It’s HERE! ☀️ Are you ready for spring and summer!? ✨ It’s time glam up your spring and summer living space, small space, balcony, summer patio or summer outdoor space! Summer outdoor design is SO MUCH FUN! Anything outdoor design like backyard design, small backyard ideas, patio ideas, or backyard ideas I share in this video are perfect for you guys who are looking to spice things up this year!! Backyard design is so tough, but I’ve got you covered! 🍋

I talk about the best design tips and share small backyard ideas and outdoor decor ideas, perfect for SUMMER LIVING! 🍹 🍹 Outdoor decor ideas are HARD to come by, which is why I had to get you guys a jumpstart on your summer patio or outdoor patio design! What’s YOUR summer design style? What outdoor furniture do you like best? Do you have outdoor lighting ready to go for those summer guests? Summer living this year is sure to be a BLAST so get ready!! Let’s make your summer patio or outdoor patio fabulous!! 💥💥

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Fatboy outdoor light

Outdoor chandelier
Drylight Small LED Outdoor Chandelier

Solar lanterns
Skaal Aluminum Solar Lantern


Outdoor rugs

Outdoor planters


Great Furnishings pieces:
Palmetto Wicker Lounge Chair
Portside Outdoor Lounge Chair
Paso Grey Adirondack Chair
Vista II Adirondack Chair
Huron Outdoor Lounge Chair
Opalhouse Egg Chair

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37 thoughts on “TOP TRENDS FOR OUTDOORS SPACES in 2022!

  1. Lisa Holt Design says:

    I'm SO HOT 😎for this Spring and Summer, I'm super excited to refresh my outdoor spaces, 'cause I'm ready to use the heck out of 'em this year!!! Tell me what YOU'RE planning to do outdoors in the comments below!!! YAY!!! ☀

  2. leslie cruguet says:

    Lisa I love you and your content but please don't put the dezign club logo smack in the middle of the screen in your video- it blocks the view of so much you're trying to show us.

  3. Erin G says:

    CAREFUL WITH THE PLANT VARIETIES!!!! Especially the BUTTERFLY bushes. Some butterfly bush verities are invasive in certain areas and considered illegal in some states. So consider buying your plants locally instead of online so that you not only support a local business but you also know you are buying plants that work for your location.

  4. fuzzylon says:

    One of my challenges here is that I have two fabulous balconies here – 2 metres front to back and stretch around the apartment – but I've never had outdoor space like this before so I don't know how I'll use it and therefore what furniture I should get to make the most of it. I want it to look nice without spending a lot on stuff that turns out wrong.

  5. Maximilian von Pinneberg says:

    Thanks for this. I've ordered some new outdoor furniture from Made (Alfrida chairs and Rhonda table) however they are on a 12 week delivery so the Summer will almost be over when they finally arrive and the chair cushions get recovered in a gorgeous blue fabric I found from Sulu. But, I'm still going out and splurging on some Missoni cushions to add a pop of colour. Still, I can crack on with the box planting and enjoy the last moment of the current furniture whilst I wait.

  6. coco 1 says:

    Thanks for sharing. I'm sarawakian from Malaysia. Asian countries like Malaysia are tropical rainforest countries. It is rainy all the year round and the climate is hot. Many times, the furniture and decorations placed in the courtyard are full of dust for a few days, and soon they are broken. Hope you can share some designs and decorations suitable for the Asian region.🙏

  7. Sandy Hopper says:

    You seemed SO stressed out in this video, like it was almost a commercial. And, where is your happy, jumpy sense of humor? PLEEAZZE come back to yourself ‘cause you are such an inspiration.

  8. achickplus3 says:

    Hi Lisa, I found your channel because one of my viewers said I looked just like you ! and that sure peaked my interest. But I'm glad they sent me here as I love your content!

  9. Kim Carroll says:

    Love it! This is our next step at the new house. Want to live there a bit so we know how we want to use that space. Thank you for all the wonderful videos! Loving Dezign Club!

  10. Paul Vrooman says:

    Great tips. One thing to keep in mind, however. Lantana is poisonous to dogs (and maybe cats) so, especially if it's in an area like a balcony or patio, where people are, there's a good chance that dogs are there. It's actually attractive to them and they like to eat it. Almost lost a dog to it once.

  11. Miss Cellaneous says:

    I would love some tips on outdoor spaces for locations that aren’t warm and dry all year around – it feels like a lot of advice around this topic assumes everyone lives in California! What are good ways of making sure you can use your outdoor space at colder temperatures, with occasional rain/snow, and plants that will look good year round?

  12. Ze Hel says:

    I have a question though what if it's a tiny row house with a tiny kitchen facing back at the sunrise could I have a Skylight in the kitchen to atleast get natural light?

  13. Michael Frilund says:

    Speaking of style and outdoors, I enjoy looking at hydrangeas and shingle houses. To me it is happy and traditional, all you need is some nice furniture and a few colours to make it comfortable when enjoying it all.

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