Turning my Balcony into an Oasis (hiding a bad view) | Home Made Happy Ep. 28

Hi friends! This video is Part 2 of transforming my little balcony by concealing my bad balcony window view (because who wouldn’t want to hide a construction view)! In this video I’m staining the diy wood privacy fence, stringing lights (my plastic lights are the best, btw) and adding a little bistro set. This will be the last video on my diy balcony transformation BEFORE my extreme full balcony makeover reveal, because I still want to leave a little suspense but trust me, I have a lot of good stuff planned for that as well!

Watch part 1 to see how I made the privacy fence from scratch:

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My nail gun: https://rstyle.me/+L0oq5FckaAOS_1r-yeKcYA
My plastic string lights: https://amzn.to/3GxLc5u
My bistro set (I painted mine black): https://amzn.to/3wTbqeq

Products mentioned in this video (CANADA Links)
My nail gun: https://www.homedepot.ca/product/ryobi-18v-one-airstrike-18-gauge-cordless-lithium-ion-brad-nailer-kit-with-1-5-ah-battery-and-charger/1001627723
My plastic string lights: https://amzn.to/3aqLnDL
My bistro set (I painted mine black): https://amzn.to/3NLVHVq

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32 thoughts on “Turning my Balcony into an Oasis (hiding a bad view) | Home Made Happy Ep. 28

  1. Celia Freeman says:

    It turned out gorgeous! All of your projects always do! You and your husband are so cute and I love to see y'all working on a project together! I love your channel and really appreciate you talking openly about your ADHD. I was diagnosed as an adult and it's refreshing to hear someone talk about it in a positive way. Thank you for all of your videos! ❤😊

  2. teresa williams says:

    Love it! A little tip, if you want the railing to last long, you might put in a couple of wood screws. Not the whole thing, but a few. Non pressure treated wood wants to bow after a while and glue and nails may not hold it. Also, loved the dress and skirt! ♥️

  3. A F says:

    Loved this! But couldn't you have flipped the railing upside down to have the good side? Instead of flipping it horizontally where it wouldn't match up. Maybe I'm not thinking about this right

  4. Alexandra Turnbull says:

    I love the balcony upgrade with all of the finishing touches! ✨ plus your husband’s reaction at the end 🥹 and the moment you dropped your phone and paused to assess the damage….so relatable. Held my breath there for a second

  5. Cohleen Samuel says:

    As always you did an awesome job on the railing. Love your husband's support and enthusiasm at the end. You both are a great couple 🥰. Now I have to get myself motivated to start my summer projects 😒. Have an awesome week

  6. Paola Cardenal says:

    You could also add a flat piece over top of the raining to add a shelf or surface over the top and it would hide not only the middle structure that you made but also extend over the old railing.

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