What plants are suitable for growing on the balcony?

The balcony is usually a place to receive the sun, the temperature can be up to 40°C. When choosing balcony plants, homeowners should pay attention to plants that are easy to care for, and have good drought tolerance.


Cactus is native to the Americas. The tree is vigorous and drought tolerant. The leaves of the pepper plant turn into spines to inhibit transpiration.

Cactus has a variety of species. Families often choose ornamental cacti to decorate balconies and offices. Rabbit ear cactus can also be used as food.

Cactus is easy to take care of, tolerates hot sun, so you don’t need to water too much. Avoid leaving the plant in the rain for many days as it will cause waterlogging of the roots.

Tiger tongue is a popular plant for its ability to absorb toxins in the air and give off oxygen at night.

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Tiger tongue

Tiger tongue tree belongs to the asparagus family, grows upright into a bush, has good heat tolerance. The leaves are hard, pointed at the tip, with a yellow border running from the base to the tip.

Plants can absorb toxins in the air and give off oxygen at night. In feng shui, the tiger tongue tree has the meaning of warding off evil spirits, bringing good luck and fortune to the owner.

How to take care of plants is simple, water when the surface of the soil is dry, once or twice a week. Fertilize once a month with a balanced fertilizer. Avoid fertilizing when the weather is too hot, it will affect the growth of the plant.

Paper flowers are grown by many Vietnamese families on their balconies thanks to their ability to withstand the sun and heat. Photo: Minh Duc

Paper flowers are grown by many Vietnamese families on their balconies thanks to their ability to withstand the sun and heat. Image: Minh Duc


The bougainvillea is a woody plant with thorny branches, climbing and drought tolerant. Leaves are oval, oblong at the top of the leaves, the base of the leaves is round, alternately. The plant flowers all year round and continuously. Paper flowers have many colors: red, pink, white, yellow, ….

The bougainvillea tree is grown by many Vietnamese households in the balcony thanks to its ability to withstand the sun and heat. Trees have the effect of creating shade and color for living space.

The bougainvillea has few pests and diseases and does not need to be cared for like other plants. Need to provide enough water to keep the soil moist and fertilize at least once a month to help the plant grow well and flower.

Aloe vera (aloe vera)

Aloe vera is a herbaceous plant, grows in a bush, suitable for living in hot and dry conditions. The leaves are thick, lance-shaped, succulent, with sharp spines at the edges.

Aloe vera is favored by many Vietnamese families because of its ability to purify the air. If the environment you live in is polluted air, on the tree will appear brown spots to help identify.

Aloe vera has uses in beauty, anti-aging and healing if it is properly exploited and processed.

The plant is afraid of waterlogging, so it only needs to be watered with enough water, once every three to five days.

Long live

The perennial plant is native to southern Japan. Stem cylindrical, less branched. Dark green leaves, pointed toward the tip, grow around the top of the plant.

Vanilla is a light-loving plant that adapts well to high temperature and hot places. When first planted in the soil, watering every two to three days will help the plant take root quickly. Once the plant has grown, water it every five to seven days.

Van Tuong has many sizes suitable for households to grow around the house, decorate balconies, living rooms, desks, …


Periwinkle is a herbaceous, perennial, often bushy, heat-tolerant plant. Leaves are symmetrical, flat or slightly curved, elongated. Periwinkle flowers have 5 thin and smooth petals with 4 popular colors pink, white, red, purple

The plant has a long flowering time, suitable for balcony decoration, creating a green feeling for the house. In addition to the effect of beautifying the living space, periwinkle also has medicinal values ​​such as: supporting the treatment of diseases of blood cancer, hypertension, insomnia, …

Periwinkle is afraid of waterlogging, it is necessary to water a sufficient amount of water to avoid killing the tree. Fertilizing flowers will make flowers colorful, long-lasting.

Minh Duc


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